How does mindset affect success?

Positive mindsets are foundational to student agency and motivation

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When it comes to student success, behavioral skills are as important as academics. After all, social skills, perseverance, learning strategies, and good conduct are necessary to thrive in K–12 school, college, career, and life. But when students are motivated, they are much more likely to be successful behaviorally and academically. There is a positively reinforcing cause-and-effect relationship between motivation and behavior that is set in motion by mindsets. 

4 focus areas for nurturing positive student mindsets

The white paper, 4 Focus Areas for Supporting Positive Student Mindsets, by nationally recognized PLC and RTI author and expert Chris Weber offers four mindset statements to help you assess where students are, and then teach, nurture, and reinforce growth, both behaviorally and academically.

Chris Weber
“Educational psychologists agree now more than ever about what skills are critical and foundational to success in school, college, career, and life: behavioral skills.”

—Chris Weber, PLC and RTI author and expert

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